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Often I get guys asking me if I really like watching my wife fuck other men.  FUCK YES I DO!!!! 

Crazy enough, it’s always turned me on.  Not watching her necessarily, but fucking her with another guy. That turned into me getting excited about watching her, listening to her, knowing she is off fucking another man (or men) while I’m away or she’s out of town.

No, I’m not bi or gay. Nothing about a man turns me on.  It’s the act of my wife fucking another man that does. Sure, some guys are into ‘fluffing’ or ‘cleaning up’ the other guy, but that’s not me. I do enjoy eating her pussy or fucking her after or while she’s with another man. To have my cock in her mouth while she tries to scream out in ecstasy because another man is shoving his cock deep in her pussy…. fucking heaven. Or sliding my cock in her pussy while she already has another cock in there.. it feels sooo good!

Now I love setting things up for her.  Finding other guys for her to fuck.. either with me or with me only watching. Thinking about it gets me hard.  In fact, writing this blog post has me hard as a rock.

After sharing my wife for over 4 years, I’d say it’s one of the best things that has happened to us.  It’s brought us that much closer and I know she truly could not stop.  A REAL HOTWIFE!

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    Your the man Mr Siren…. i know im not the only one that thinks that cause your wife is amazing …
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