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I get asked that question often.  Are you a “cuck”?  In the short meaning of the term, yes “I enjoy watching my wife fuck other men while not having any expectations of fucking other women.”  I guess one of the things that does not make me a cuck is my wife is not cheating on me.  She is not doing it without my consent. If I did not want her to fuck other men, it would not happen.  She would not seek out others by herself.

That’s where the “hotwife” comes in.  My wife Dee LOVES fucking other men, but she likes me to be involved too.  She likes knowing that I found the guys for her.. or that I surprise her with a nice big cock during lunch.  She loves me jacking off as I watch her being fucked hard by another man.  Looking in my eyes as she cums over and over again.  Dee does fuck with out my there from time to time, but only with her regular “boy toy” and she usually calls me while they are fucking, or sends me a dirty photo.   All of it is very much a turn on.

When it comes down to it.. I’m a perv that loves sharing my wife.  I fuck her just about every day… but her face and body is so beautiful.  She’s the best fuck ever.. and watching her being used like a fuck toy… priceless!

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    Very much like the role my wife and I are in although i do enjoy being a cuckold,and enjoy the sterotype that goes along...
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    I couldn’t explain better…
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  8. nevercanthink answered: Its funny. Some people say that that makes them a cuck and others don’t. We tend to not think of my husband as a cuck, but other says he is.
  9. turksex answered: my cock is 21 cm do u want?
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